Janet Leazenby

I have been intrigued with organic qualities in clay from a young age.  Trying to inject a living and dancing quality into the clay has been a goal of mine for a very long time.  I use “Slung Slabs” on collar areas of vessels, ears, or beaks on my animals.  Using “Slung Slabs” stretches and infuses pieces with a permanent sense of movement.

Stretching clay has been a developed process instead of using a slab roller.  Combining nature forms with stretching clay has also retained the life in the clay.  An organic movement frozen in time has been my inspiration for years.

I was a resident of South Bend, Indiana, and have a Bachelor’s of Art degree from Indiana University.  I retired from being an art teacher in the South Bend Community School Corporation after 29 years.  I was also a clay instructor for the South Bend Museum of Art for 35 years.  Since 2013, I have lived in Hendersonville, NC, as a full-time, award-winning artist.

Janet Leazenby