Two Silversmiths, Jerry & Linda Hunter

Two Silversmiths, Linda Hunter
Two Silversmiths, Linda Hunter

Linda:  Since childhood, I have been fascinated with taking a simple thing, such as a length of thread or a fabric swatch, and turning it into art.  My husband Jerry introduced me to the world of handcrafted jewelry.

I work mainly with Argentium, a premium sterling silver.  I am intrigued by color and bring it into my work using semi-precious stones, pearls and patinas.

When working with cabochons, I examine the stone before starting my project to see if there is any patterning that can be brought into my silver by etching, hand engraving or stamping.  This same process helps me decide on the shape of the piece.

My hope is that you will share my enthusiasm and love for this medium each time you wear one of my pieces.  I want, above all, for my creations to be fun, beautiful, exotic, and unique – in other words, wearable art.

Two Silversmiths, Jerry Hunter
Two Silversmiths, Jerry Hunter

Jerry:  So many beautiful objects want nothing more than to come into existence, to leap from dream to reality.  Since the early 70s, I have been helping them make that journey, first in Colorado, then Georgia, and now Western North Carolina.

Like Linda, I work mostly in Argentium sterling silver because it yields gracefully to hammer and saw but is stubborn in doing so, and because it is capable of taking and holding as simple or as complex a form as I can imagine.  Because it has more fine silver in its alloy (92.5% for traditional sterling, 93.5% for Argentium) it’s also a little whiter, more the color of fine silver.

Because Argentium incorporates Germanium, a clear metalloid, it is also slow to tarnish, and the wearer can almost always clean it with nothing more than an ordinary soft cloth.  It seems that the sulfur that causes tarnish cannot get through the surface germanium barrier, but simply collects on the outer surface instead.  All in all, it’s a wonder of modern metallurgy.

Two Silversmiths