Holland Van Gores

I usually begin my pieces on a wood lathe.  After I have created a form I am happy with, I hollow out the inside of the form on the lathe or with bench-top tools.  The wood is left to dry for 30 days or more before the finishing process begins.  I often carve or texture the outside of the piece before painting.  Some of my work is left natural and finished with a varnish or lacquer, depending on the type of wood I use.

I have been a maker of things my whole life.  Wood is what I prefer to work with and have done so for over 40 years.  Most of my experience comes from a career in home construction, so transitioning from that to wood art came naturally for me.  I feel a connection to the wood I work with and forms that can be made from it.

Seeing and feeling something take shape from a raw chunk of wood is always a thrill that I never seem to tire of.  I am drawn towards organic shapes and textures and find myself constantly experimenting with different ideas, not all a success but every one a learning experience.

Holland Van Gores