Angela Maddix

Angela Maddix

Angela Maddix began life as a world traveler. Born in Germany and then living or visiting many countries all over the world, she finally moved and settled to Western North Carolina in 1994. She has had several entrepreneurial careers working with chocolate, flowers and owning a Bed and Breakfast in Asheville, NC.

In 2004, she attended her first weekend class of lampwork bead making. She was hooked! After several years of perfecting her craft, she finally assembled her first pieces of jewelry for a neighborhood art event. It was a success and A Working Glass Girl was born!

Over the years, Angela has continued to learn new techniques and uses for her decorative glass beads. In 2017 wire work was incorporated into her jewelry and art. Hammering, twisting and wrapping mixed metals into her designs has become her new obsession.

Artist Statement
As an artist, I have always been drawn to the details, the intricate embellishments with visual appeal. When introduced to lampwork, melting glass with a table mounted torch to create a detail rich single bead, I knew I had found my match. And I get to use fire?Perfect!
Lampwork bead design has a steep learning curve of several years. The work is focused and fast. The glass becomes liquid in the super hot flame. The process requires twisting and spinning to create a smooth round bead shape. Otherwise, the glass will actually drip or become a lopsided bead. The glass rods are in a myriad of colors to inspire each day at the torch. I tend to work with 3-5 colors at a time. By limiting my palette, I can concentrate on the pattern I am designing.

Color is my inspiration, even when it’s black with white! Learning by trial and error, which colors work with others, is a huge part of the day’s work. Throw in some reactive silvered glass and you have a party!