Carol Clay

Carol Clay
Carol Clay


Carol Clay is an acrylic painter. Her approach to painting is to create art that is fun, colorful and something people would like to see every day in their home.  She is known for her bold colors and palette knife work that bring her animal friends and impressionist style landscapes to life on canvas.

I came to the art world in a very indirect way.  Throughout my childhood, I gravitated to music, playing in talent shows and my school’s band but I was always drawn to art and anyone who could express themselves through their art.  After graduating college, I chose a career in marketing and advertising that spanned more than 20 years in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Like many “transplants” my husband and I vacationed here and fell in love with the western North Carolina. In 2004 time and opportunity finally came together and we were able to relocate here permanently. We flung ourselves into a real estate business but my creative “itch” was never far away.  For too many years, I carried my need to create in a mental suitcase, looking for the right time and place to unpack it. And now, I have.

I believe that art means different things to different people and that it is truly subjective. What’s important to me is that people find something in my art that makes them happy. My goal is to simply create art that is approachable and something that you would like to see in your home everyday.

About My Art

People often ask me about the animals I paint. I wish I had a good answer! The truth is I just love painting animals.  I love cows for their gentle expressions; roosters for their amazing style and color; bears as our woodland neighbors. I also create impressionist style landscapes. I’m fascinated with atmosphere, especially clouds and challenge myself to translate what I see onto a canvas with color and texture.

I create my art with acrylic paint and occasionally delve into collage work.  I draw feeling and inspiration from the world around me and let it be what it is with the help of some paint and a canvas.  

My husband and I, along with our three rescue dogs make our home in Brevard. Second only to my passion for painting is the volunteer work that I do for a local animal rescue organization.

Thank you for visiting today. Feel free to contact me anytime with questions about my existing work or about commissions.

Carol Clay
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